With the internet maturing day by day, threats are increasing and cyber criminals are making news on a daily basis. Every other day, we hear news of cyber criminals hacking into banks, online sites, companies etc. It is very obvious that something has to be done to secure our IT infrastructure. But how does one do it? How does one start? One answer that comes to mind is education, awareness and training. Thus it is necessary to inform people what is needed to secure their systems.

Our nation is facing huge threats from various countries in cyber-attacks and information thefts. National Cyber Safety and Security Standards has taken a visionary initiative to curb and enervate the notoriously spreading cyber threats from various directions and dimensions.

Towards this end, National Cyber Safety and Security Standards is carrying out extensive awareness, training and education campaigns, so that the public are made aware of the dangers of the internet, and how they should be careful and avoid falling into cyber traps.

In addition, National Cyber Defence Research Centre has embarked on setting up cyber security research centres across India, with the objective of conducting research, training and hands on lab environment for universities, industry and professionals. These research labs will also be involved in detecting, analysing and preventing cyber threats/ attacks and forensics.

In brief, NCDRC will be setting up research centers across the country in collaboration with various colleges and universities, with the following primary objectives:

  • To encourage students who would like to take up a career in cyber security.
  • To provide students with a hands on environment, so they can practice what they learn.
  • To provide opportunities towards advanced research and publishing of papers for deserving students.
  • To showcase to industry the environment and skills of students who are a part of the research center.
  • To provide a platform for industry to train their employees in cyber security.
  • To assist industry and Government in cyber forensics.
  • Research centers of NCDRC will offer the following courses.


The main mission of National Cyber Safety and Security Standards is to protect our national critical infrastructure from cyber related threats.

To ensure availability of courses, each college will host one particular research. The different topics that will be conducted are,

  • National Security
  • Web Application Security
  • Networking Security
  • Mobile Security
  • Malware
  • IOT
  • Cyber Forensics
  • Social Engineering

National Cyber Defence research Centre will make all attempts to help students enroll in the courses they wish to learn, even in other colleges. The modus operandi will be a mix of training, hands on practical’s, advanced research and forensics, depending on interest and attitude of students.

All attempts will be made to inform students about the dangers of misusing the techniques they learn at the research center, and students will have to sign suitable undertakings before being enrolled into the course.